[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-2: Waiting List Block Size Restriction

Tom Fantacone tom at iptrading.com
Wed Feb 27 11:31:41 EST 2019


I agree that statistical data should be used in this case to validate 
that the problem exists.  Not only do non-disclosures prevent ARIN 
from presenting most evidence of specific cases, but ARIN 
acknowledges that there may be specific instances where transferring 
out a block received from the waiting list is not fraudulent at all, 
but due to unusual but legitimate business circumstances.  It would 
not be fair to publicly point out all actors in potential fraud when 
a few of them might not be culpable.  But the statistical evidence is 
strong enough to indicate that fraud exists.

In that regard, in addition to the data John Curran provided showing 
the high percentage of larger blocks that have been re-transferred, 
it's worth reviewing the presentation by John Sweeting at the ARIN 42 
meeting last October where he discussed the evidence and solicited 
possible solutions from the community.




Specifically, John discusses the re-transfer statistics, the fact 
that several waiting list orgs already have at least a /16 of space, 
and the cases of 8.2 mergers performed by orgs on the waiting list to 
consolidate their holdings, avoid the one year wait, and then perform 
an 8.3 transfer.



At 03:06 AM 2/27/2019, Kevin Blumberg wrote:
>To be clear. For the purposes of the Policy Proposal I'm perfectly 
>content with the aggregate data that has been provided.
>The problem statement from the author, in my view, matches up with 
>the data provided by John Curran.

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