[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-2: Waiting List Block Size Restriction

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Wed Feb 27 09:35:34 EST 2019

How about this for an idea:

Change the policy to state once the ipv4 resources have been once directed 
to a specified recipient after the date of that new policy, those 
resources are no longer eligible for future transfer to a specified 
recipient and instead must be returned if they are no longer used.  In 
effect, make section 8 transfers a one time offer only to reduce abuse.

Of course, this may not help as the brokers might take to transfering the 
resources to a corp/LLC that ONLY owns the numbers, and instead 
transfering ownership of that corp as a proxy for number resource 
transfers.  The only real reason this has not happened more is the cost of 
incorporation, versus the cost of the numbers. When the cost of the 
numbers is high enough, ARIN will see more of this being done.

Of course I can dream that this issue will eventually go away.  IPv4 
markets are going to be like a big bell curve.  Once IPv6 uptake reaches a 
more universal level with most networks having it available and in use, 
this will be the peak. After that point the price will start sliding down 
the other side of the curve and the "make big bucks quick" people will 
start running for the exit and find some other way to make money.

The auction idea for ARIN might be a good idea. Instead of just "giving" 
the numbers to the next person on the waiting list, put them up for bid. 
However, I disagree with using the proceeds to buy more numbers, as this 
is a bad idea. Instead, use it for special projects or to reduce on a 
short term basis the fees charged to its members and others as a pass on.

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

On Tue, 26 Feb 2019, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:

> In message <FB7268F3-FDDF-453B-9797-0EE2706A6503 at cubemotion.com>,
> Robert Clarke <robert at cubemotion.com> wrote:
>> My proposal is that ARIN auctions off all available IPv4 ranges reserved
>> for allocations under 4.2 policy and pockets the proceeds.
> This was always and inevitably going to be the end game anyway... a true
> and unfettered free market, where money talks and the devil takes the
> hindmost.  Or to quote one of the greates SciFi movies of all time
> (Alien, 1979) "A survivor - unclouded by conscience, remorse, or
> delusions of morality."
>> Excess funds can be used to buy up additional IPs to bolster ARIN
>> reserves, for an endowment, or potentially some other charitable venture.
> Sorry, but that part is just nuts.  Sell IP address so that you can
> buy IP addresses??  That makes no sense at all.  Much better to invest
> the money in real estate.  And as it happens, I understand that there
> are some condos for sale in Trump Tower.  For some reason, the Russians
> who used to own them don't seem to want them anymore.
> Oops!  Sorry.  My bad.  There are -no- Russians who own condos in Trump
> Tower.  There are however a number of offshore corporations that do own
> condos in Trump Tower.  But you know, we can't tell you who owns those
> because, you know, that's confidential.
> Regards,
> rfg
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