[arin-ppml] DoD to sell 13 x /8 of its IPv4 Blocks over the next 10 years and need for ARIN-2019-19

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sun Dec 22 14:10:37 EST 2019

>> Joe Provo wrote :
>> In the part you didn't quote, I pointed out operators have choice.
> Teens who smoke marijuana, drink, or take drugs have one, too.
> You are not going to solve the problem by pretending that it does not exist.
> The truth is that operators will go to the quickest or the cheapest solutions, not the best one or the right one, or the one you like.

I believe the problem of squat space and squatters exists.

I believe that calling such practices “industry standard”, OTOH, only serves to legitimize the behavior and exacerbate the problem.

I could be wrong, I won’t pretend to speak for JZP, but I believe that was his essential point and that it is valid.


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