[arin-ppml] DoD to sell 13 x /8 of its IPv4 Blocks over the next 10 years and need for ARIN-2019-19

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Dec 19 17:32:27 EST 2019

> Martin Hannigan wrote :
> On the operators using DoD space? Too bad.


> Just as ARIN can't set policy to stop squatting, squatters have no rights.

I agree, but unfortunately they have lobbying power.

> Joe Provo wrote :
> Since this list is archived and referenced, rather than let that sit in silence,
> personally I have to note - there is no such thing as "industry standard squat space".

Joe, this is wishful thinking but the reality is that there actually is such thing. If one was to count the number of operators that have the need for bigger space then RFC1918 and that squats DoD space, one would probably find that it would be faster to count the ones who don't do it.

I'm not saying it's legal or good, I don't approve, but it is there.


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