[arin-ppml] DoD to sell 13 x /8 of its IPv4 Blocks over the next 10 years

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Dec 19 06:57:21 EST 2019

In message <c422fb31-08f7-d232-5d11-d0f9d7059081 at gmail.com>, 
Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at gmail.com> wrote:

>"IPv6 strategy made it into NDAA 2020, requiring DOD to sell 13 x /8s
>(1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 10 years after the date of the enactment 
>of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall sell all of the IPv4 
>addresses described in subsection (b) at fair market value."

Several reactions:

1)  See!  I always told you there was no real shortage!

2)  Great!  So at least the U.S. Guberment may actually be able to make
    their money back on this whole elaborate DARPA networking experiment.

3)  I wonder what "fair market value" value means.  Maybe we should ask
    Lehman Brothers.

4)  This news has sent IPv4 futures plumeting in overnight trading on the
    CBOE.  In other news, gold, oil, and hog futures are all up.

5)  Oh, that's nothing!  Just wait until California Governor Gavin Newsom
    signs into law the inevitable bill requiring all hardware sold within
    the State of California to fully support addressing and routing of the block by no later than January 1, 2026.  (That right there
    is 32 /8 blocks!)


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