[arin-ppml] Is it time to start requirement to have IPv6 in place before receiving Section 8.5 transfered IPv4 addresses?

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 15:26:02 EDT 2019

Hello Albert

Initially it sounds interesting discussion to have.
My suggestion to you is to skip this part to just have an IPv6 
allocation as in my view does little or no much practical difference. 
Instead the second scenario that you mentioned seems much more 
reasonable at the stage we find ourselves and isn't anything unreachable 
anymore for most organizations.

Consider also that the time to discuss and have a proposal moved forward 
and implemented may fit well in time for this to be even more according 
to the second scenario you mention, so go straight for that.

Best regards

On 27/08/2019 16:06, hostmaster at uneedus.com wrote:
> There has been quite a bit of discussion of the proposals to eliminate 
> the wait list by sending freed space to the 4.4 and 4.10 space, and 
> eliminating the waiting list.  I have generally been in favor of this 
> since 4.10 space has a requirement to have/use IPv6 which I think is 
> something that we should consider.
> I have been thinking about submitting a proposal to for the first time 
> adopt a requirement that anyone receiving 8.5 specified transfers at a 
> minimum have an allocation of IPv6 space. Eventually, I would like to 
> go farther such as a requirement to actually route and use the IPv6 
> allocation before being able to receive 8.5 specified transfers.
> The IPv4 /8 pool became empty in 2011, and ARIN has been on empty 
> other than 4.4. and 4.10 space.  While the wait list has served many 
> at ARIN, it appears that the bulk of the marketplace of IPv4 space is 
> being handled under the 8.5 specified transfer process.
> I think it is long overdue to start considering an IPv6 requirement on 
> these transfers.  Looking at the NRPM, this is what I think would be a 
> good proposal:
> Current 8.5.2:
> ARIN allocates or assigns number resources to organizations via 
> transfer solely for the purpose of use on an operational network.
> To this I would add, depending on the strength of the statement desired:
> An operational network for the purposes of receiving IPv4 resources 
> under 8.5 must include having an ARIN IPv6 allocation or assignment 
> [and advertising and using it on the Internet].
> We could simply start by making sure they have IPv6 space before 
> allowing 8.5 transfers. Later we might consider having to show they 
> are actually advertising and using the block before allowing the 8.5 
> transfers.
> What does everyone think.  Is this the right time or not, and what 
> reasons do you base this opinion on?
> Albert Erdmann
> Network Administrator
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