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>From my perspective, there is no IPv4 exhaustion or shortage. Anyone can get almost anything they need on the transfer market. Granted, the shorter the prefix the harder it gets, but as it was demonstrated with 44/8 it is still possible. I'm not sure it is any simpler than that. 


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>From my perspective, the biggest problem is the continued dependence on IPv4 and the resistance to simply deploying IPv6 and moving beyond the scarcity problem and all of its collateral damage (e.g. NAT, CGN, disruption of end-to-end addressing, the difficulty in following an audit trail or tracking down abuse, etc.).



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Broker hat on. From my perspective there is plenty of inventory, actually a surfeit at this moment among several brokers. Pricing is flat in response. Lease rates are more in line with address values. The market seems to be maturing and stabilizing, with a large number of small transfers in RIPE, for example,  demonstrating that buyers have confidence in the market and are not seeking to purchase and hoard large amounts due to FUD. Imagine reaching supply/demand equilibrium! 

In related news, google’s IPv6 stats continue to asymptotically approach 29%. 

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