[arin-ppml] ARIN discontinuing DNSSEC capability to legacy holders

John Santos john at egh.com
Fri Oct 5 04:35:45 EDT 2018

With all due respect, you don't know what you are talking about.  You 
are attributing motives to me and other legacy holders, that are 
completely false and possibly libelous.  And I think there are way more 
of us than you imagine.

Received my class C from the InterNIC in 1993.  Don't need any more, 
just need RDNS and am happy to provide POC validation annually, and 
update my POC records every decade or two when things change, but 
otherwise require almost nothing from ARIN, so I don't see how I am a 

On 10/5/2018 12:40 AM, Jo Rhett wrote:
>> The change is that ARIN is (or will soon be) no longer accepting 
>> DNSSEC DS records for reverse DNS for those resources that are not 
>> covered by RSA or LRSA.  This is a change from current operational 
>> practice, and it effectively disables the *community's* ability to 
>> validate reverse DNS for these holders.
> Refusing to authenticate resources used by holders who cannot be 
> validated is a feature, not a bug.
> My fees (and everyone elses) pay ARIN to validate and certify the 
> resource holders. They absolutely should not publish resources they 
> cannot validate or certify.  They absolutely should not under any 
> circumstances extended resources to perform validation and certification 
> to people who’ve been playing this game for closing on three decades.
> ARIN has real issues to deal with, and the hundred or so resource 
> holders who want to keep stealing the time and effort of everyone 
> involved in ARIN for their little pity party should go away. It doesn’t 
> below on the PPML list, which should be concerned exclusively with the 
> legitimate needs of cooperative and legally contracted entities.
> This was an active topic when I was a freakin child. As I near 
> retirement and death, it’s time for this to stop. It’s time for these 
> resources to be
> 1. Marked as unknown/unvalidated
> 2. Added to all abuse tracking DBs as unknown/unmanaged
> And it’s time for all the unvalidated resource holders stop whining 
> about their rights. You’ve had decades to join the party. We owe you 
> nothing.
> -- 
> Jo Rhett
> Net Consonance : net philanthropy to improve open source and 
> internet projects.
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