[arin-ppml] ARIN discontinuing DNSSEC capability to legacy holders

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Fri Oct 5 00:39:24 EDT 2018

> On Oct 4, 2018, at 9:27 PM, Jo Rhett <jrhett at netconsonance.com> wrote:
>> How exactly am I freeloading, how am I not playing “nicely with others” or “by the rules,”
> I’ve been watching you fight to ride free

Cite an example, please.

> If you won’t play the rules, there is no requirement that service is provided to you.

Earlier you claimed that I _was not_ “playing by the rules.”  Are you trying to retract that, rather than substantiating it, by re-phrasing it as a conditional?

> you got addresses back from Jon directly

You are factually incorrect.  I have received addresses from DoDNIC, through M&A, from ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, and AfriNIC.

> 25 years ago a new entity was created to manage this service.

Are you referring to APNIC?  Please be more specific.

> You have nothing left to say about the contract limiting you, but you don’t want to sign it.

What contract, specifically, is it that you think I “don’t want to sign?”

> I hope you are significantly operationally impacted.

Perhaps you’ll recognize that ARIN, as a membership organization, does not exist for the purpose of creating down-time for people you’ve decided that you don’t like.


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