[arin-ppml] Board of Trustees Remands Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2017-12

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Sat Oct 20 14:14:47 EDT 2018

I'd like to propose to the community a rewrite of 2017-12 that would
hopefully bring it in line with the Implementation B option of the Staff
Implementation memo.

What do others think of this approach?



Policy statement:

Insert one new section into NRPM 3:

3.7 POC Validation Upon Reassignment or Reallocation

When an organization submits a valid reallocation or detailed
reassignment request to ARIN, the reallocation or reassignment record
must contain POC objects which are currently valid in the ARIN
database.  If the POC objects are not valid, ARIN shall immediately
reject the reallocation or reassignment request.

If the reassignment or relocation record is inserted into the database,
ARIN will email the POCs associated with the new record notifying them
of the new resource being attached to their POC.

If the reassignment or relocation record fails to be inserted because
the POCs are not currently valid, ARIN should send an email notification
to the associated POCs that a reassignment or reallocation record was
rejected because their POC is not currently valid, and provide a link
for the user to validate their POC.

On 8/27/2018 8:12 AM, John Curran wrote:
> On 16 Aug 2018, at 7:04 PM, ARIN <info at arin.net> wrote:
>> On 31 July 2018, the ARIN Board of Trustees remanded Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2017-12: Require New POC Validation Upon Reassignment to the Advisory Council, noting:
>> "The ARIN Board of Trustees remands ARIN Recommended Draft Policy 2017-12: Require New POC Validation Upon Reassignment to the ARIN Advisory Council. Noting the complexity of the policy, the Board wants a more complete policy assessment of technical soundness, and recommends interviews by the Advisory Council with ISPs who make numerous delegation requests including those with IP management platforms, if such interviews have not been already conducted."
>> The Advisory Council is considering the remand of the Recommended Draft Policy and appropriate next steps.
>> Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes are available at:
>> https://www.arin.net/about_us/bot/index.html
>> Draft Policy and Policy Proposal texts are available at:
>> https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/index.html
>> The ARIN Policy Development Process (PDP) can be found at:
>> https://www.arin.net/policy/pdp.html
> Note also that the ARIN Board of Trustees reviewed the AC recommendation as well as a Staff Implementation Assessment memo when considering disposition of Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2017-12.   A copy of that Staff Implementation Assessment memo is attached as background. 
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO
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