[arin-ppml] Beneficial Owners

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Mon Jul 16 09:37:54 EDT 2018

Ron wrote:
But I certainly do not ask or expect ARIN to take on the "Internet Police"
role with respect to those separate issues.  I can and do however bemoan the
fact that the two blocks in question were issued AT ALL... apparently to two
fundamentally out-of-region players.

I bemoan these awards of valuable IPv4 real estate and for the reasons I've
already stated... reasons which don't clearly implicate any acts of "fraud"
per se, at least not under the laws of the relevant country
(U.S.) or those of the relevant U.S. states in question.

Bottom line?  If goofballs from outside of ARIN's North American and
Caribbean geographical region feel the need to get chunks of IPv4 space and
then preceed to use those to screw up the Internet, then I for one would
greatly prefer it if they were at least forced to obtain their
IPv4 space from either legitimate broker transactions or preferably from
their own Regional Internet Registries.

Hi Ron,

Whereas I am sure you will get firm agreement from everybody in this
community regarding the abuse of address space, your language leads to
conflating the concept of ARIN-"awarded" space and purchased space that can
be registered anywhere in North America, Europe, the Middle East, or Asia. 

What difference does it make if an Iranian or Pakistani citizen created a
Delaware corp and purchased ARIN space and kept it registered in ARIN,
versus transferring it to a RIPE or APNIC account in Iran or Pakistan? 

The addresses can be used nefariously regardless of registry.  ARIN is not
issuing space out of any free pool, so the sizes (/19, /17, whatever) are
not really relevant. (Unless your issue is abuse of 4.4 and 4.10?)

And what incentive is there for the creation of an American corporation and
the receipt of ARIN space, versus purchasing ARIN/RIPE/APNIC space and
registering it wherever you wish?

I am not understanding the core of the problem here. There is no fraud, no
"award", ARIN will not issue to OFAC entities, and everybody has to purchase
their addresses now, can register them where they want, and can use them
where they want. What is the difference to anybody if the nefarious
foreigners keep the registration in ARIN? It's just more dues for us. And in
ARIN the buyer has to justify, and it seems like it would be harder for
nefarious users to do that justification in ARIN than to simply purchase
RIPE addresses and avoid the necessary disclosures.


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