[arin-ppml] Beneficial Owners

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Mon Jul 16 05:36:29 EDT 2018

In message <7FA40ADD-2DC1-4E04-BB68-2E7E5920C2A2 at arin.net>, 
John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>ARIN has significantly tightened our review of requester's location
>(particularly with regard to potential OFAC concerns) over the last two
>years, as it came to our attention that parties were getting more creative
>in this regard.

That's music to my ears John!  And that statement alone goes a long way
towards allaying my concerns.

>If you feel that ARIN has issued resources based on fraudulent information,
>please report it <https://www.arin.net/resources/fraud/> and we will

Thanks, but I perhaps have not been clear.  Let me try again.

To the best of my knowledge it is not an inherently "fradulent" act
for a person or other legal entity resident outside of the ARIN region
to create a Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming corporation or LLC, perhaps
even with so-called "nominee" officers/directors.

Likewise and similarly, to the best of my knowledge it is not an inherently
"fradulent" act for any such corporation or LLC to then request number
resources from ARIN.

In short, I have no "fraud" per se to report.

Nontheless, as I have already expressed, I cannot help being dismayed
by my recently obtained knowledge that a certain Iranian gentleman,
by way of a Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming corp/LLC, obtained an ARIN-
issued /19 or by my also recently obtained knowledge that a certain
Pakistani gentleman having -no- apparent legally constituted business
within the ARIN region, nontheless somehow obtained an entire ARIN-
issued /17.

The fact that the two blocks in question were subsequently used for
what I personally feel are less than honorable purposes is only what
happeened to bring these blocks to my attention.  But I certainly do
not ask or expect ARIN to take on the "Internet Police" role with
respect to those separate issues.  I can and do however bemoan the
fact that the two blocks in question were issued AT ALL... apparently
to two fundamentally out-of-region players.

I bemoan these awards of valuable IPv4 real estate and for the reasons
I've already stated... reasons which don't clearly implicate any acts
of "fraud" per se, at least not under the laws of the relevant country
(U.S.) or those of the relevant U.S. states in question.

Bottom line?  If goofballs from outside of ARIN's North American and
Caribbean geographical region feel the need to get chunks of IPv4 space
and then preceed to use those to screw up the Internet, then I for one
would greatly prefer it if they were at least forced to obtain their
IPv4 space from either legitimate broker transactions or preferably
from their own Regional Internet Registries.

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