[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-8: Amend Community Networks

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Jan 18 14:21:23 EST 2018

Based on additional feedback on PPML and in private exchanges, I have made
several changes, included adding a rationale for restricting reallocations
in the comments section.

Additional feedback is appreciated. I'm especially interested if you think
reallocations should be allowed or not, including why or why not.



Problem Statement:

The Community Networks section of the NRPM has only been used once since
implementation in January 2010. Proposal ARIN-2016-7, to increase the
number of use cases, was abandoned by the Advisory Council due to lack of
feedback. Proposal ARIN 2017-2, to remove all mention of community networks
from NRPM met with opposition by the community. Many responded that the
definition of "community network" was too narrow, which could be the reason
for lack of uptake.

In the discussion at ARIN 40, it was clear that more than just the
definition of a community network needed revision and that community
networks need to have allocations, not assignments. Additionally, community
networks need to make reassignments to end-users in accordance with
applicable policies.

Policy statement:

Replace section 2.11 with the following;

2.11 Community Network

*A community network is deployed, operated, and governed by its users, for
the purpose of providing free or low-cost connectivity to the community it
services. Users of the network or other volunteers must play a primary role
in the governance of the organization, whereas other functions may be
handled by either paid staff or volunteers.*

Rename section 6.5.9 and revise as follows;

6.5.9. Community Network *Allocations*

While community networks would normally be considered to be ISP type
organizations under existing ARIN criteria, they tend to operate on much
tighter budgets and often depend on volunteer labor. As a result, they tend
to be much smaller and more communal in their organization rather than
provider/customer relationships of commercial ISPs. This section seeks to
provide *a* policy that is more friendly to those environments by
allowing *community
network to receive a smaller allocation than other LIRs or commercial ISPs.*

*Community networks may also qualify under section 6.5.2 as a regular LIR.*
Section is not changing, but is included here for completeness; Qualification Criteria

To qualify under this section, a community network must demonstrate to
ARIN's satisfaction that it meets the definition of a community network
under section 2.11 of the NRPM.

Replace section and with the following;

* Allocation SizeCommunity networks are eligible only to receive an
allocation of /40 of IPv6 resources under this section. Community networks
that wish to receive a larger initial allocation or any subsequent
allocations must qualify as a regular LIR, see sections 6.5.2 or 6.5.3
respectively. Reassignments by Community NetworksSimilar to other
LIRs, community networks shall make reassignments to end-users in
accordance with applicable policies, in particular, but not limited to
sections 6.5.4 and 6.5.5. However, they shall not reallocate resources
under this section.*


Timetable for implementation: Immediate

The rationale for restricting community networks that receive resources
through this policy from making reallocations is that a /40 is a tiny IPv6
allocation and it does not seem reasonable to subdivide such a small
allocation into even smaller reallocations.

Also, the recommended size for reassignment is /48, to even the smallest
end-users, and therefore a /40 only provides 256 such reassignments.

If a community network needs to make reallocations, maybe to other
cooperating community networks in their area, they should apply as, or
become, a regular LIR. As the smallest regular LIR, they would get a /36,
allowing more than sufficient room to subdivide the allocation into several
reasonable sized reallocations as necessary.

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