[arin-ppml] Origin AS Semantics

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Feb 22 19:11:39 EST 2018

An interesting question came up on Tuesday in the ARIN IRR Roadmap at
NANOG.  Essentially, what is the intended semantics of Origin AS? See
timestamp 20:14 to 21:04 in the following video;


Some background; Section 3.5 of the NRPM, originally Policy ARIN-2006-3,
specifies the creation of what is now the "Origin AS" field in ARIN's
registry, see;


So back to the question; "are you allow to announce any more specifics
based on the Origin AS?"

Note the last sentence of section 3.5.1 says the following;

This additional field will be used to record a list of the ASes that the
user permits to originate address prefixes within the address block.

While the policy doesn't formally specify the semantics for this field,
based on the above sentence, I personally have to conclude that the policy
intends that more specifics should be permitted based on the "Origin AS"

Does anyone read this differently?

Do we need to further clarify this in the policy?

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