[arin-ppml] Fwd: Re arin-ppml Spam replies to PPML posts

Marilson Mapa marilson.mapa at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 21:28:06 EDT 2018

First of all I would like to thank the gentleman Robert Braver who sent me
two messages off list. In both he showed concern for the list members and
offered help if I needed to. And thank Joe Provo for his patience.

The events were enlightening to me. Look at these data before you judge
people. This data can be confirmed in the ppm-list file:

At 09:44:52 AM I forwarded to the list, *for the last time*, the scam I
received and keep getting.

At 10:58 AM Joe Provo wrote: "Can you please stop relaying the spam you are
receiving to the list"

At 02:23 PM Steve Atkins suggested that I be removed from the list because
I was sending porn to people. 4 ½ hours after the last sending.

At 06:34 PM Willian Herrin politely suggested that maybe I should be banned
from the list if I did not acknowledge my mistake. 8h50min after last

At 06:39 PM geneb stated that I was sending crap to the list and asked for
the idiot ban. Almost 9 hours without getting my crap.

What is evident in this situation is that the problem is not the spam
passed to the list. But my stance on the real culprits for this insanity
and absolute lack of respect for the planet's population. I have not taken
my finger off this wound for four years.

My complaints are never sent only to the spammer and the companies involved
in the procedure. I copy, with evidence, to the Registrar, to the RIR, to
ICANN, to most reputable journals and magazines, to government
institutions, to scanners, to consumer advocacy organizations, law
enforcement agencies, Internet Governance Forum IGF-UN, including for
Wikileaks e Anonymous.



2018-04-19 18:39 GMT-03:00 geneb <geneb at deltasoft.com>:

> On Thu, 19 Apr 2018, Marilson Mapa wrote:
> Hi Steve Atkins,
>> According to you I am  sending porn to people's work email addresses,
>> right?
>> STOP.
> You're not getting any spam from ARIN and you ARE reposting crap you get
> to the ARIN list.  I'm not on this list to read your spam drama.
> Moderator - please unsubscribe that idiot.  There's been enough disruption
> here.
> g.
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