[arin-ppml] Post-ARIN-40 updates to 2017-4

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I support as written for the reasons David describes.



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I support this policy as written. 


The current reciprocity requirement does not recognize that the vast majority of IPv4 transfers are out of the ARIN region and the vast majority of the supply of IPv4 resources available for transfer exist within the ARIN region. Finally there are legitimate operational reasons that companies within the ARIN region need to transfer resources to themselves or their foreign subsidiaries in other regions regardless of reciprocal transfer policies being available.


Thank you for simplifying the text.



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Dear Colleagues,

Based on feedback received at the ARIN-40 conference, the AC Shepherds have updated Draft Policy 2017-4 - "Remove bidirectional requirement for inter-RIR transfers".

The proposal in its entirety is below.  We seek feedback and comment.

2017-4 - Remove bidirectional requirement for inter-RIR transfers

Problem Statement:
ARIN’s inter-RIR transfer policy is functionally one-way, so the assertion of a reciprocal two-way requirement is gratuitous.

Policy statement:
Add the following sentence after the first sentence of NRPM 8.4:
Inter-RIR transfers may take place only via RIRs who agree to the transfer and share compatible, needs-based policies.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate.

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