[arin-ppml] IPv4 SWIP requirements (?)

Peter Thimmesch peter.thimmesch at addrex.net
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Hello Cathy,

Yes, the was some rather heated discussion at the ARIN meeting in New Orleans about the proposed wording in 3.6.7 Non-Responsive Point of Contact Records. I believe, please correct me if you think otherwise, that the consensus of opinions that spoke at the meeting were strongly against the removing of records from public Whois. Therefore pointing someone to consider this type of punitive action would be seemingly designed to do what?

What problem is trying to be solved with this proposed policy? Is it to align the two existing policies or to create a punitive measure?


Peter Thimmesch

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>In short, there is an argument that the SWIP rules are no-op now. So to answer
>your question directly; what do you do? Nothing. Those days are long gone
>and ARIN has other focuses now.

So, let me see if I understand this...

ARIN doesn't, can't, and most probably won't either enforce the existing
(IPv4) SWIP rules, nor, for that matter, any new SWIP rules that may be
drafted and/or promulgated with respect to IPv6.  Is that about the size
of it?

Pretty much, unless someone comes up with a new method of enforcing SWIP rules.  Some of the discussions with law enforcement could eventually result in such carrots or sticks, but no one has proposed any specifics yet.

There is this draft policy that has a few "sticks" at least for delegations to downstream ISPs.

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