[arin-ppml] IPv4 SWIP requirements (?)

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Fri May 26 19:10:10 EDT 2017

> When either these new SWIP rules, for IPv6, or the current SWIP rules,
> for IPv4 are violated... as they appear to be, with great frequency,
> from where I am sitting... then who does one call?  The Internet Police?

The only real "Police" is when ARIN uses the SWIP data to justify another 
allocation of space.  If the entries are not in place, ARIN does not 
consider it in use, and the holder cannot get another allocation.

In the case of v4, often the records were only put in place right before 
attempting to get another allocation.  Right before the v4 jar ran out, 
using the cable operator rule, Comcast received a /9, which was quite a 
lot, but the SWIP of their infrastructure assignments were in place so 
they could justify that request. Without that data, they would have 
never received that allocation.  That was the largest allocation right 
before the v4 space in ARIN ran out.  Im sure other operators got their 
records in place, so that they could get some of that v4 pie before it ran 
out.  Now that the v4 pie is gone, as others have said the reason behind 
why to SWIP is gone as well.

In the case of v6, there seems to be some operators like the tunnel 
brokers who have SWIP'ed everyone without fail.  Other operators seem to 
totally ignore this requirement.  In my case, I have 2 upstream providers, 
who have both provided me with a /48.  In the case of the older tunnel 
broker operator, the addresses are registered, but in the case of the 
other one, the only registration for the entire block is the ISP itself, 
there are no assignments at all on records.

>From the ISP prospective, unless you are a giant, almost noone is going to 
ever have to go back for more than their initial /32.  If they give 
everyone a /48, that is 65k assignments, and if they chose a /56 that 
expands that number 256 fold.

The only real "Internet Police" stick is the records needed for additional 
assignments must be there before you can get more.  If in fact more is 
never needed because of the size of the initial allocation, there is zero 
incentive to SWIP the customers, and I think this will get worse as we 
move toward v6 as the main protocol on the internet.

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

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