[arin-ppml] IPv4 SWIP requirements (?)

David Huberman daveid at panix.com
Fri May 26 18:01:38 EDT 2017


The mandatory SWIP requirements are an anachronism from a time where they were moderately enforceable.  For many many years, a traditional, vanilla-flavored ISP would get a block from ARIN, allocate a lot of it to dynamic pools. SWIP out the static /29 and larger assignments to customers, use the space, then petition ARIN for another block.  ARIN would get the utilization detail from the ISP in spreadsheet or flat file format, compare it to what's in Whois (what was SWIPed) and if everything was good, grant the ISP a new block.  If the required static assignments were not SWIPed, that was ARIN's stick: no space until you SWIP.  And as someone who was a hostmaster there for 10 years during this period, I saw the system basically work. 

In v6, and today in v4 post-runout, ARIN has no stick.

Nobody is coming back for additional v6 allocations.  You're really not supposed to.  

In v4, the transaction has already happened. The ISP (and what is an ISP today? That's a difficult discussion because "ISP" as a network classification is mostly anachronistic within the context of ARIN policy language) has already bought the space from the seller who wasn't using it.  If ARIN uses that ticket - the "I bought space please xfer it to my account" - to enforce SWIP requirements on older blocks, and the requirements aren't met, then what? Whois never gets updated and the greater operator community loses the most.

In short, there is an argument that the SWIP rules are no-op now. So to answer your question directly; what do you do? Nothing. Those days are long gone and ARIN has other focuses now.

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> On May 26, 2017, at 5:36 PM, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com> wrote:
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>> What I would like to hear from the community is their input as to where to 
>> draw the line for
> What you would like, and what I would like appear to be two dramatically
> distinct things.
> I would like to just also offer the observation that I simply cannot
> remember any time at which anyone has purported to follow-up on any
> posting I have made to any mailing list while so throughly and
> comprehensively and utterly failing to even touch on any of the
> issues that I raised in the post which is allegedly being followed-up
> on.
> Perhaps I failed to be completely clear.  I will try again.
> When either these new SWIP rules, for IPv6, or the current SWIP rules,
> for IPv4 are violated... as they appear to be, with great frequency,
> from where I am sitting... then who does one call?  The Internet Police?
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