[arin-ppml] IPv4 SWIP requirements (?)

james machado hvgeekwtrvl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 17:11:33 EDT 2017

Given Richard's comments how about:

If it goes in the DFZ it must be Assigned, Allocated or SWIPed.

If it goes to goes to a customer long-term it MUST be SWIPed irregardless
of network size.  Example: the address does not change or can not change if
the customer were offline longer than the lease time. The client would
still get the same address space when they clear their outage.

If the assigned network is dynamic it need not be SWIPed.

On the flip side (not having used the process myself so not sure how wrong
this is), I would suggest that the SWIP process be modified to incorporate
automatic SWIP (the current Restful interface) and de-SWIP (from the
original SWIPER) with a TTL on the records for DYNAMIC SWIP's.  If I make a
customer assignment through DHCPv6 or RD why not allow an automated way for
me to make and remove them in real time?  Why not let me put a TTL on the
SWIP and have it cleaned up when it gets too old?

Lets get away from the size of the network as to if it should be SWIPed or
not. Just make it so easy it makes no sense not to do it.

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