[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-5: Equalization of Assignment Registration requirements between IPv4 and IPv6

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu Jun 15 09:04:27 EDT 2017

On 2 Jun 2017, at 4:14 AM, Chris James <chris at datacate.com> wrote:
> Difficult to disagree w/Martin's logic. If we use SWIP to determine eligibility for additional resources in the current environment; SWIP is pointless thus the policy is a waste of time to all involved and this whole back and forth is tiresome.
> If we wish to use SWIP as a means to manage abuse issues, then more stringent guidelines are needed. I am not saying we need to penalize, but at least standards. I agree with the /56 idea.
> John Curran (ARIN) Please advise ARIN's point of view. If you had to choose 1 and only 1; is SWIP for Abuse or Allocation?

Chris - 

I had to chuckle a bit at your question….  ARIN is _your_ Regional Internet Registry.

This means that you (the collective community) specify what we are to do, and then we do it – 
not the other way around.   While I have personally been involved with several nationwide ISPs 
and have run a secure hosting company, my particular views must be subsumed into the ARIN
community’s determination on such matters. 

(The status quo will be maintained until the community (or Board) provides direction on updated
policy direction.)


John Curran
President and CEO

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