[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-2: Removal of Community Networks

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Tue Jun 13 22:57:24 EDT 2017

I am opposed to the Draft Policy ARIN-2017-2 for community networks, as I 
do not think the community network language should be removed from the 
Policy Manual.  Instead, the policy should be fixed to allow its use.

In order for the policy to be useable, amendments need to be made to the 
policy, such as lowering the 100% volunteer requirement which has been 
identifed as a reason the policy has never been used.

Ideas to cut the fees for community networks should also be considered. 
True community networks operate on a shoestring, and generally cannot 
afford ISP level fees.

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

On Tue, 13 Jun 2017, Marita Moll wrote:

> Hello all. As part of NARALO, I attended the ARIN mtg in New Orleans and 
> became aware of the policy re: community networks. I don't have all the 
> details others can contribute. But I have been involved on the policy side 
> with community networks in Canada for 20 years, so can provide a small slice 
> of context from here.
> I totally agree that community networks see a lot of value in being 
> recognized in ARIN policy. The few are doing well, others struggle to exist. 
> But they have been and in some areas are still an important part of the 
> Internet access landscape. It is difficult, as it is, to even locate these 
> scattered entities. Deleting language the recognizes their existence would be 
> a shame.
> The 100% volunteer driven requirement is not realistic. I don't know what it 
> should be. Even 70% volunteer driven might not bring in much more activity in 
> the short term but it would be a recognition that the non-profit/cooperative 
> model is a viable option for communities trying to manage their own access 
> issues.
> Marita Moll
> Telecommunities Canada (loose coalition of community networks in Canada)

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