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But again John, and I think you are hearing this over and over (comments that the arin community at large want to see ARIN enforcement of already established policies), but what might help is to clearly layout the exact steps needed to create, approve, and ratify policies of enforcement that ARIN will act on.

Micheal -

    The vast majority of the number resource policy manual pertains to the criteria
    that ARIN is to apply with regard to requests for issuance and transfer of number
    resources.  It is quite clear that ARIN has the key role in implementation of these
    policies, and we follow the criteria as specified in policy.

    ARIN’s role in the enforcement of the _behavior_ of those who have have already
    been issued number resources is far less clear, and has generally resulted in policies
    such as NRPM 3.6 (Annual POC Validation) that call for ARIN to take steps to improve
    registry accuracy but does not call for revocation of Internet number resources.  In a
    similar manner, it is not clear whether the community ever intended ARIN to have an
    ongoing active role in enforcement of sections such as NRPM, aside from the
    explicit task of confirmation that occurs when parties are seeking additional number

    If you wish to create responsibilities for those holding number resources, and then
    have ARIN take specific enforcement actions for those who do not comply, then be
    very explicit in the policy proposal on both of these aspects.   If the community then
    adopts such policy changes, ARIN will implement it as specified, as the community
    will have recently discussed and decided this is the appropriate course of action.


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