[arin-ppml] Discussion on elimination of SWIP requirements.

Michael Peddemors michael at linuxmagic.com
Mon Jun 5 21:20:53 EDT 2017

On 17-06-04 08:46 AM, John Curran wrote:
> Andrew -
> Full agreement with your sentiment, but I must make one point quite clear
> to the community participating in this policy development -
> As noted earlier, if this community develops and adopts policy regarding how
> the number registry is to be operated, ARIN will indeed implement such policy
> (including marking or revocation of number resources blocks as appropriate
> per policy.)   I am in no way advocating for, or against, any policy change, but
> simply making clear that the ARIN community does have the ability to specify
> how the registry will be operated and ARIN will enforce any resulting policy,
> at least with respect to registry operation.
> Clearly, it is essential that any policy developed reflects the will of the community
> (and that is the essence of our rather lengthy/formal policy development process),
> but the fact the registry shall be operated as directed by community policy is a
> fundamental tenet of the Internet numbers registry system, and does indeed
> provide for enforcement with respect to registry operations.
> Thanks,
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO

But again John, and I think you are hearing this over and over (comments 
that the arin community at large want to see ARIN enforcement of already 
established policies), but what might help is to clearly layout the 
exact steps needed to create, approve, and ratify policies of 
enforcement that ARIN will act on.

While a lengthy read and some informed interpretation of the current 
methods that ARIN would like to see such a mandate (enforcement) 
ratified by the community, could you explain in short simple steps the 
path to getting to a stage where ARIN 'would' not only have the mandate, 
but start acting on such a mandate?

That might help this conversation..

	-- Michael --

PS, what was your personal take on implementing a public reporting of 
non-compliance events system, that allowed the public to see what 
actions/porgress is/are being made by ARIN in requesting the 
non-complying party to get into compliance?

Seems that under the current model, other parties seem to have 'doubts' 
on how effective reporting is..

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