[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-5: Equalization of Assignment Registration requirements between IPv4 and IPv6 - updated 2017-07-21

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Thu Jul 27 19:21:22 EDT 2017

> Richard J Letts wrote:

>> As an example we assign /48's to school districts,

If it is a really small school district, that is unlikely to expand beyond 
16 sites, you could give them a /44, otherwise each district should get at 
least a /40 or more.  A university might need more, or maybe a /40 for 
each college within it if each college within the university takes care of 
their own needs. This gives them room to give each of their schools or 
other sites a /48. Either way, the policy proposal would require SWIP for 
the main block assigned to that district, but no SWIP requirement for 
individual schools or other sites, all of which will be SWIP'ed to that 
specific district or college.

The only reason you are complaining about the school districts getting 
away without SWIP under the proposal is that you are assigning them too 
small of a block.  Each school, bus depot, admin headquarters, etc should 
be getting a /48.  I assume that instead you expect the districts to 
assign smaller blocks to their sites, like a /56, instead of the 
recommended /48.

Doing so follows the intent of the policy proposal to require larger 
allocations (/47 or larger) to be SWIP'ed, but /48's belonging to a single 
site without special routing not requiring SWIP.  Doing this does 
everything you want, because each assigned district block will be SWIP'ed 
as a whole, making that district responsible.  In the case of a 
University, 2 levels of SWIP might be needed, one for the University, and 
one under it for each College of that University, or other unit like a 
facilities group.

>>  I want each of them to have their own SWIP
>> records so any issues with traffic originating from the site can get
> addressed
>> by the local network administrators before they get escalated up to me as
>> the WA-K20 NOC manager.

Give them the proper sized blocks, and your wish will be required by the 
policy proposal.  A /47 or more in the policy means ALL your assignments 
to districts and colleges require SWIP, getting you out of the abuse loop. 
It also relieves you and the district/college from any burden of having to 
SWIP the individual sites of each district/college.  Much better than the 
current policy where you would be responsible to SWIP all the way down to 
the site level, as the current standard is a /64 or more of static space.

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

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