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Thu Jul 27 01:58:11 EDT 2017

Of course, I can understand why a PO Box is used, if the place where the 
network is set up does not have a street address assigned, and their mail 
delivery is therefore required to be sent via a PO Box or otherwise.

I work with a WISP in my area which covers some remote places. About 1/2 
of these customers are among properties not having a street address. My 
own residence, served by this WISP does not have a street address, and 
because of this I get a fee exempt PO Box to receive mail in town. Until 
recently, even the WISP itself had no street address and was therefore 
using a PO Box in their ARIN allocation records. They got bigger and now 
moved their operation to an office that actually has a street address and 
updated their ARIN record. Thus, I suggest that whatever policy that ARIN 
follows, there must be some way under the policy to deal with the small 
number of cases where street addresses do not exist.

As an example in the ARIN database of a record without a street address, 
look up  This is Berea College, which uses berea.edu. 
This school is in the middle of nowhere, but I am sure the local sheriff 
will know even without a street address where to take the process, and 
addressing a letter simply to Berea College, Berea KY 40404 will get there 
every time, since the Postmaster of Berea also knows.

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

On Wed, 26 Jul 2017, Owen DeLong wrote:

> The examples are just that. IMHO, as a general rule, the address published in whois should be an address where legal process can be served regarding the network.
> I know that in some case, the address listed in whois is a P.O. Box. I doubt that anyone has implemented a SWIP-sized network inside a post office box. I suspect the USPS would frown on such a thing, actually.
> Owen
>> On Jul 26, 2017, at 15:56 , Whitestone IT <admin at wsfnet.org> wrote:
>> Albert wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 2:19 PM, <hostmaster at uneedus.com <mailto:hostmaster at uneedus.com>> wrote:
>> Said Major wireless provider tells me that ARIN requires a street address for each site in SWIP, and this information must be the service address, and that each site's address must be unique.
>> Not to muddy the water; this raises a curious point. I run (among other things) a small rural ISP which has customers using a /29 or more of IPv4 space.
>> These customers live in an unorganized borough; technically, this means that the nearest city — responsible for maintaining street address records — has no legitimate way to register street addresses in a national database.
>> Consequently, about 30% (rough estimate from me) of real addresses city-wide cannot be validated using the USPS database, and therefore third-party databases (which typically use the USPS db as a starting point) fail to contain them as well.
>> For some entire /24 blocks, I have (ARIN-registered) street addresses that on the surface would look bogus to a brief online validation. While I can assure you they are not, this does raise a point that is not covered in the current NRPM — what constitutes a valid service address? I find three examples of "street address" in the current NRPM, with no definition.
>> And in cases where the SWIP is meant to discover POC, the street address would be pointless as a contact given that there is no postal service delivery to street addresses — though no doubt helpful to law enforcement.
>> Admittedly this is an edge case, but it does make me ask the question, "What are the actual definitions and requirements for a valid service address / street address?" I don't find the requirements (as clearly re-stated by Albert above) in the current NRPM.
>> Jeremy Austin
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