[arin-ppml] Policy Question for ARIN regarding SWIP

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Jul 26 21:07:38 EDT 2017

The examples are just that. IMHO, as a general rule, the address published in whois should be an address where legal process can be served regarding the network.

I know that in some case, the address listed in whois is a P.O. Box. I doubt that anyone has implemented a SWIP-sized network inside a post office box. I suspect the USPS would frown on such a thing, actually.


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> Albert wrote:
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> Said Major wireless provider tells me that ARIN requires a street address for each site in SWIP, and this information must be the service address, and that each site's address must be unique.
> Not to muddy the water; this raises a curious point. I run (among other things) a small rural ISP which has customers using a /29 or more of IPv4 space.
> These customers live in an unorganized borough; technically, this means that the nearest city — responsible for maintaining street address records — has no legitimate way to register street addresses in a national database. 
> Consequently, about 30% (rough estimate from me) of real addresses city-wide cannot be validated using the USPS database, and therefore third-party databases (which typically use the USPS db as a starting point) fail to contain them as well.
> For some entire /24 blocks, I have (ARIN-registered) street addresses that on the surface would look bogus to a brief online validation. While I can assure you they are not, this does raise a point that is not covered in the current NRPM — what constitutes a valid service address? I find three examples of "street address" in the current NRPM, with no definition.
> And in cases where the SWIP is meant to discover POC, the street address would be pointless as a contact given that there is no postal service delivery to street addresses — though no doubt helpful to law enforcement.
> Admittedly this is an edge case, but it does make me ask the question, "What are the actual definitions and requirements for a valid service address / street address?" I don't find the requirements (as clearly re-stated by Albert above) in the current NRPM.
> Jeremy Austin
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