[arin-ppml] Policy Question for ARIN regarding SWIP

Whitestone IT admin at wsfnet.org
Wed Jul 26 18:56:36 EDT 2017

Albert wrote:

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 2:19 PM, <hostmaster at uneedus.com> wrote:
> Said Major wireless provider tells me that ARIN requires a street address
> for each site in SWIP, and this information must be the service address,
> and that each site's address must be unique.

Not to muddy the water; this raises a curious point. I run (among other
things) a small rural ISP which has customers using a /29 or more of IPv4

These customers live in an unorganized borough; technically, this means
that the nearest city — responsible for maintaining street address records
— has no legitimate way to register street addresses in a national

Consequently, about 30% (rough estimate from me) of real addresses
city-wide cannot be validated using the USPS database, and therefore
third-party databases (which typically use the USPS db as a starting point)
fail to contain them as well.

For some entire /24 blocks, I have (ARIN-registered) street addresses that
on the surface would look bogus to a brief online validation. While I can
assure you they are not, this does raise a point that is not covered in the
current NRPM — what constitutes a valid service address? I find three
examples of "street address" in the current NRPM, with no definition.

And in cases where the SWIP is meant to discover POC, the street address
would be pointless as a contact given that there is no postal service
delivery to street addresses — though no doubt helpful to law enforcement.

Admittedly this is an edge case, but it does make me ask the question,
"What are the actual definitions and requirements for a valid service
address / street address?" I don't find the requirements (as clearly
re-stated by Albert above) in the current NRPM.

Jeremy Austin
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