[arin-ppml] Policy Question for ARIN regarding SWIP

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Wed Jul 26 18:19:12 EDT 2017

There has been some discussion regarding this question on the PPML, and 
since I received different answers regarding this and nothing official 
that I can find in the NRPM, I have decided to reach out to someone from 
ARIN for an answer.

Currently NRPM requires a static assignment of a /64 or more of 
IPv6 space to be registered in SWIP.  When registered, can the contact 
address be that of a central site managing that site, or is the service 
address of the site itself, including the Zip Code required?

The following is background information:

I have need for a static assignment of IPv6 from a certain Major wireless 
provider, because said provider will no longer provide us static IPv4 
addresses after our current contract ends.  We currently have 500+ sites 
with one static IPv4 address each.  We want to add at minimum a /60 of 
static IPv6 to each site, which according to the current NRPM requires 
SWIP.  Each "Site" is a public transit bus, operated by a unit of State 
Government, and its location is not fixed.

Said Major wireless provider tells me that ARIN requires a street address 
for each site in SWIP, and this information must be the service address, 
and that each site's address must be unique.

I maintain that we should be able to use the contact address of the 
administrative headquarters where all the bus networks are centrally 
operated for the SWIP for all of the 500+ sites.  The only employee at 
each site is the bus operator, and he/she has no access to this network 
other than as a member of the public on the public wifi, and no access 
whatsoever to the administrative portions of the network that notifies the 
central location of the location of the bus, Fare input and location, as 
well as emergency notification and audio/video from the bus.  Advertising 
data and bus destination sign updates are also planned.

Is it acceptable for a group of sites that is managed centrally to use 
contact information for the central management site, even if because of 
the detached nature of the assignments, each assignment must be 
individually placed in SWIP?

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

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