[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-5: Equalization of Assignment Registration requirements between IPv4 and IPv6

Pallieter Koopmans Pallieter at pallieter.org
Thu Jul 20 02:48:13 EDT 2017


ARIN could quantify and require rules for when to SWIP, but in the
end, there are going to be exceptions needed if the rules are to be
strictly followed. Many will not separately SWIP a separately routed
sub-block if it is too difficult or pointless to gather and share that
data back upstream to ARIN.

Thus a more fuzzy rule to require a best-effort and to add a
rule-based reason (preferably both a carrot and a stick) for block
owners to do their best to provide (only) useful data. In order to do
that, one needs to look back at why that data is needed. For a block
owner to assign the SWIP on a sub-block, he basically delegates tech
and abuse contact requests down to those that are probably more likely
to be able to actually act on the tech/abuse requests (and thus reduce
request-handling workload higher up and overall). But for that to
work, those tech/abuse contact requests need to be actually handled,
otherwise, it is better to leave them with the block owner.

In the end, the contact details should be as close to the "person"
that is actually capable to both handle (think: volume/languages/etc)
and act (think: authority) on the tech/abuse requests.

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