[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-5: Equalization of Assignment Registration requirements between IPv4 and IPv6

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Wed Jul 19 19:36:38 EDT 2017

As someone that once worked with certified zip code matching software 
development, I suggest that only a 5 digit code be used for SWIP. 
Otherwise you are giving away in that 9 digit zip code enough information 
to locate the city block with your customer, or even the exact address.

This is because each full 9 digit code pinpoints the exact block, and also 
which side of the block, each block by default has 2 zip+4 codes.  Each 
side has on average 9 delivery points, but can go as high as 50 or as low 
as one.  Businesses and residences that get more than 10 pieces of mail on 
average per day are assigned their own code that is unique to their 
address.  Multi unit places and places with cluster boxes get one or more 
codes for each cluster box.  Like looking up addresses in Whois with 
multiple matches returned, the software assigns the most specific Zip +4 
code if possible, instead of the general code for the side of the block.

While thinking about it John, there was some discussion over using the 
main facility address in a single SWIP for an entire block that contained 
many sites.  Is this allowed?  The reason I ask is one of the projects I 
have coming up involves placing 2 IPv6 blocks (one public, one 
administrative) on a large group (over 500) transit busses.  The Major 
Wireless provider the State has a contract with to provide connectivity to 
the busses will no longer provide static v4 addresses when the current 
contract expires in 2018, and the current wifi and administrative network 
currently operates over a single static IPv4 per bus. If we want static 
addresses, they insist that we go to v6.  According to the current rules, 
we technically are supposed to SWIP each site, in this case a bus, 
complete with a Street Address. Busses are mobile so this cannot be done. 
We could use the Bus Number instead of the address, or if allowed we could 
have the provider SWIP the entire v6 block for all busses in one entry. 
Any "proper" suggestions for dealing with this?

Of course I am hoping my proposal is adopted, and that each bus could 
receive a block small enough that SWIP is not required for each bus.  A 
/60 in each bus would allow a /48 to serve a lot of bus growth....

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

On Wed, 19 Jul 2017, John Curran wrote:

> On 19 Jul 2017, at 11:12 AM, Scott Leibrand <scottleibrand at gmail.com> wrote:
>> As I understand it, if the ISP assigned you a /48 and individually 
>> routed the /64s for you, they would only have to create a single SWIP 
>> entry for the /48, and the street address of your central location (or 
>> your administrative HQ, if different) would be perfectly appropriate 
>> for that SWIP.
> FYI - Present NRPM policy regarding residential privacy would provide for
> the reassignment to show the city, state, and postal code of the assignee
> (omitting the street address)
> To the extent that one is aware of a detailed postal code which has a unique
> association with a single location, it is appropriate to use a less specific one
> to comply with the intent of the policy.
> Thanks,
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO
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