[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-5: Equalization of Assignment Registration requirements between IPv4 and IPv6

Richard J Letts rjletts at uw.edu
Mon Jul 17 15:49:18 EDT 2017

I have too many roles and job-titles, so below is my opinion only (as I'm at lunch right now)

My 2c.

As a residential customer with IPv6:
There are many valid reasons not to expose individual residential customer addresses. For example someone being stalked or harassed by an ex. If their IPv6 address is exposed in any way that leads someone too easily back to them then that is not a good thing. I feel that the length should mirror what is implicitly provided for ipv4 because the customer expectation has some importance here. 
I'm going to note that Comcast is currently handing out /60 to residential customers. 
Therefore I think swipping:
	/60 & smaller : Bad idea (does not provide the same _implicit_ privacy that IPv4 does)
	/56: maybe if that's your default assignment block
	/52: maybe if that's your default assignment block
	/48: should be required.

I'm also going to note that with IPv6 I can have multiple IPv6 addresses from different providers if I am simply multi-homed (i.e. not exchanging routing information). 

As a NOC manager:
I find SWIP records occasionally useful for reaching people I need to when discussing routing or abuse issues. It's not often but they are useful when they are there.
For the WA-State K20 network we do our best to ensure that we have these correctly published so people can reach the right contacts on that network (we are not always told when contacts leave)

I find SWIP records a pain to manage, but given I find them useful I'm quite happy to publish them as a help to the community.
It's as easy to SWIP a /56 as a /48 if I'm already doing the /48 -- it's all just database updates and a SMOP. Anyone getting a /56 or /48 isn't likely to be a residential customer.
(note: WA-K20 State network default assignment is a /48 -- but that's not relevant to the point here)
Business are generally required to have registered address for communications, they can always use that for their registration.

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