[arin-ppml] 2016-3 Revisited

David R Huberman daveid at panix.com
Tue Jan 31 08:18:31 EST 2017


TL;DR:  We updated 2016-3 to fit into the upcoming NRPM, and closed an 
abuse vector.  We kept the original text and just incorporated it in the 
new section 8.5 so it works, and time limited it to once every 6 months.


At the ARIN meeting in Dallas, there was a discussion about 2016-3, a 
policy which seeks to remove Needs Testing for smaller 8.3 and 8.4 
transfers (with a cap of /16).  Some more work needed to be done on it, 
and a vote at the Dallas meeting had 27 people ask the AC to continue 
working on it, with 1 person against.

We've done some work, and the new text is ready for your review and 

New NRPM Coming Out Affects 2016-3:

Policy 2016-5 was ratified by the board, and will be entering the NRPM 
shortly.  2016-5 adds a new section to section 8 -- it adds 8.5, which are 
the qualifying criteria for transfers.  It looks like this:

8.5. Specified Transfer Recipient Requirements

8.5.1. Registration Services Agreement
The receiving entity must sign an RSA covering all resources to be 
transferred unless that entity has a current (within the last two 
versions) RSA on file.

8.5.2. Operational Use
ARIN allocates or assigns number resources to organizations via transfer 
solely for the purpose of use on an operational network.

8.5.3. Minimum transfer size
ARINs minimum IPv4 transfer size is a /24.

8.5.4. Initial block
Organizations without direct assignments or allocations from ARIN qualify 
for transfer of an initial IPv4 block of ARINs minimum transfer size.

8.5.5. Block size
Organizations may qualify for the transfer of a larger initial block, or 
an additional block, by providing documentation to ARIN which details the 
use of at least 50% of the requested IPv4 block size within 24 months. An 
officer of the organization shall attest to the documentation provided to 

8.5.6. Efficient utilization of previous blocks
Organizations with direct assignments or allocations from ARIN must have 
efficiently utilized at least 50% of their cumulative IPv4 address blocks 
in order to receive additional space. This includes all space reassigned 
to their customers.

To this, 2016-3 now adds a new paragraph:

8.5.7 Alternative Additional IPv4 Address Block Criteria
In lieu of 8.5.5 and 8.5.6, organizations may qualify for additional IPv4 
address blocks by demonstrating 80% utilization of their currently 
allocated space. If they do so, they qualify to receive one or more 
transfers up to the total size of their current ARIN IPv4 address 
holdings, with a maximum size of /16.

An organization may only qualify under 8.5.7 once every 6 months.


This text is pretty much the same text that was originally proposed in 
2016-3, simply incorporated into the new NRPM language that's coming out.

It also puts in a mechanism to avoid abuse -- people trying to get around 
the /16 cap -- by limiting it to once every 6 months.

The AC welcomes your feedback.

Thank you,

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