[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2016-8: Removal of Indirect POC Validation Requirement

Richard J. Letts rjletts at uw.edu
Wed Feb 15 20:33:38 EST 2017

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> I'd like to throw out a few open ended questions that perhaps will guide the
> AC as it considers this draft:
> 1. Do you think reassignment records provide value to the Internet
> community from an operational perspective?  Do they provide the same
> value if they are not accurate?  At what point does the "record set" as a
> whole become invaluable because the data in the records isn't
> representative of current reassignments?

a) Yes; in particular the 'abuse' and 'noc' contacts which are often used for receiving DCMA complaints

b) If they are not accurate then the ISP receives the complaints and are motivated to get the re-assignment records out there.
However they do not necessarily need to be fully accurate. For example I'm not sure ARIN has ever validated the name of some of the POC.
(e.g. if an organization has renamed itself from Networks and Distributed Systems, to Computing and Communications, and then to Information Technology that's not validated and doesn't need to be accurate for communication to occur)

c) No idea what you're getting at with the last part of this question

> 2. Who do you think should be responsible for ensuring that resource records
> are accurate?  The organization doing the reassignment?  ARIN?
> Someone else?

the organization doing the re-assignment

> 3. Given we are past IPv4 run-out, do reassignment records provide the
> same value to ARIN for the purposes of determining utilization?  Should
> other methods be used to determine utilization going forward?

The area where we publish the most reassignment records is for the state education network -- I think the need and opportunity to acquire additional IPv4 address space for that network has probably passed. (The network's fully IPv6 enabled, most school districts have NAT and firewalls). So there's little/no value in publishing these records JUST for ARIN to determine utilization as [today] I'm unlikely to need them for that purpose.

> 4. Would you support the concept of removing reassignment records for
> which a POC has not been validated after a certain period of time?  1 year?  2
> years?  x years?
No -- not by ARIN anyway given my belief that the organization performing the re-assignment ought to be responsible for maintaining the records of their customers properly.

> 5. Would you support the idea that a new reassignment could not be added
> to the database without the approval of the POC who is receiving the
> resource by reassignment?
No -- but then we have a well-defined customer base that hardly changes so it's not as if we're adding random people at an organization.

My 2cents

Richard Letts

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