[arin-ppml] 2016-3 Revisited

David R Huberman daveid at panix.com
Fri Feb 3 11:06:58 EST 2017

All confirmed, with the reminder of 5), that in all cases, you can always 
use other clauses in 8.5 to qualify for any transfer.

> I support this policy as revised.
> I believe also that statistics previously showed that a large majority of requests were /16 and smaller.
> Can you please confirm the following?
> 1) The policy would remove the requirement for documentation of future use.
> 2) The policy would not assist organizations that are consistently doubling more than every 6 months.
> 3) The policy would not assist organizations that require more than a /16.
> 4) The policy would allow an organization with larger holdings (ie /12) to get a /16 every 6 months.
> 5) The policy would not limit other transfers in section 8.5.
> Thanks,
> Kevin Blumberg
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> I thought of a possible problem with the anti-abuse language -- all versions of it.  Let me talk it out.
> An organization has a /19.
> It has growing products, and wants another /19 for its 1 or 2 year need.
> It wants to avail itself of the new language.
> It is able to buy a /20 from Buyer A, and a /20 from Buyer B.
> It closes the deal with Buyer A first, and transfers at ARIN using the proposed language.
> How does it use any version we've discussed (Jason's various proposals, the current text, etc) to transfer the space it buys from Buyer B?
> (In all discussion, yes, you can always use the other sections of 8.5, but
> let's stick to the spirit of this policy language, which is meant to help
> smaller and mid-size networks double their holdings without needs
> testing.)
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