[arin-ppml] Inter-regional ASN transfers?

David R Huberman daveid at panix.com
Wed Dec 20 20:41:54 EST 2017

Mike Burns wrote:

> I am debating a proposal to allow inter-regional ASN transfers.
> Short ASNs have value.

Indeed.  Though RFC 8092 solves the overarching problem (BGP community 
strings not supporting integers above 65536), it will take a long time 
(years) for widespread adoption of 8092-compliant code. In the meanwhile, 
there's a real technical deficiency here.

Number resources should go where they're needed, when they're needed.

Operators who use ARIN for a Registry should not have any more or less 
access to numbers they need than those who use another Registry.

Let's be part of the solution and support inter-RIR ASN transfers.

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