[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-12: Require New POC Validation Upon Reassignment

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Sat Dec 2 11:56:28 EST 2017

On 11/30/2017 10:44 AM, hostmaster at uneedus.com wrote:
> Because of the massive (compared to IPv4) blocks given out with IPv6,
> the need for SWIP except for multihome and downstream ISP's may go away.

This is why RFC 1714 was written and why the RWhois project was created.

It is understood that SWIP submission might be a pain.

It's also understood that any ISP or network has to track assignments to 
their customers for billing purposes.  Thus the need for a database
of assignments even down to the customer level still exists.

Enter RWhois to fill that need.

> My experence is that many ISP's with v6 blocks have SWIP'ed nothing, and
> since they are not going back to ARIN for more space, and having to
> justify their current use, it is unlikely that SWIP in IPv6 will ever be
> used to the extent it is in IPv4, since they are not seeking another
> bite of the apple.

I just connected a customer to a brand new Internet connection with 
static IPs yesterday.

They are still handing out IPv4.

The ISP is still growing so they will still need IPv4 in the future.


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