[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2017-8: Amend the definition of Community Network

Kevin Blumberg kevinb at thewire.ca
Wed Aug 23 15:22:02 EDT 2017

I do not support the policy as written but do support the overall intent.

1) The definition of a community network has gone from overly specific to overly broad. An example in Canada there are over 160,000 non-profit and not-for-profit organizations. 
2) A volunteer group, that is not an organization, wouldn't be able to get space from ARIN as it requires a business registration (ARIN Staff please confirm).
3) Why is there a limit to only post-secondary institutions? Many rural locations have K-12 that would not qualify.
4) In Canada, a charity is a non-profit organization, more generic terms should be used that covers the entire ARIN serving region.
5) The current Community Networks policy conflicts with the intent of 2017-5 Improved IPv6 Registration Requirements. By placing all space into End User assignment, Community Networks operating as a ISP collective for residential subscribers would be unable to reassign static assignments.

The current Community Networks policy requires an applicant to qualify under standard end-user requirements (Section  If there is no difference to the qualification criteria, why would an organization go out of the way to qualify as a Community Network? 

I wrote a policy in 2016 that tried to address some of these issues, it was abandoned at the time ( https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2016_7.html )

Kevin Blumberg

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On 17 August 2017 the ARIN Advisory Council (AC) advanced
"ARIN-prop-243: Amend the Definition of Community Network" to Draft Policy status.

Draft Policy ARIN-2017-8 is below and can be found at:

You are encouraged to discuss all Draft Policies on PPML. The AC will evaluate the discussion in order to assess the conformance of this draft policy with ARIN's Principles of Internet number resource policy as stated in the Policy Development Process (PDP). Specifically, these principles are:

* Enabling Fair and Impartial Number Resource Administration
* Technically Sound
* Supported by the Community

The PDP can be found at:

Draft Policies and Proposals under discussion can be found at:


Sean Hopkins
Policy Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Draft Policy ARIN-2017-8: Amend the Definition of Community Network

Problem Statement:

The Community Networks section of the NRPM has not been used since implementation in January 2010. Proposal ARIN-2016-7, to increase the number of use cases, was abandoned by the Advisory Council due to lack of feedback. Proposal ARIN 2017-2, to remove all mention of community networks from NRPM was met with opposition by the community. Many responded that the definition of “community network” was too narrow, which could be the reason for lack of uptake.

Policy statement:


“2.11. Community Network

A community network is any network organized and operated by a volunteer group operating as or under the fiscal support of a nonprofit organization or university for the purpose of providing free or low-cost connectivity to the residents of their local service area. To be treated as a community network under ARIN policy, the applicant must certify to ARIN that the community network staff is 100% volunteers.”


“2.11 Community Network

A community network is a network organized and operated by a volunteer group, not-for-profit, non-profit, charitable organization, or post-secondary institution for the purpose of providing free or low-cost connectivity to residents in their service area. Critical functions may be handled by paid staff, but volunteers play a large role in offering services available through community networks.”


Timetable for implementation: Immediate
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