[arin-ppml] Interesting policy proposal in AFRINIC

Marilson marilson.mapa at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 01:34:06 EDT 2017

Cathy, I know that this has nothing to do with the list. Has to do with me. It is clear now that my messages reaches all the members. Due to your concern you deserve explanations and thanks. You, as a photographer you are, use your eyes, your emotion, and then your finger. I first use the finger, straight into the wound.

Chris, ARIN dealt with it correctly, they just did not know where the problem was. Probably due to my lousy English, I think.

My reasons:
I am not a ISP owner. I am not a IT Professional, I am just a citizen, Urban Architect, worry about spam and scam. And I am talking about 420 billion of spam and scam PER DAY. I will always be intolerant of any action or policy that benefits spammers or increase the spam traffic on the Internet.

I'll tell you what would happen if I stayed on that list.
Soon, some ISP owners would ask for my banishment, others would call me troll. If anyone here is a member of RIPE anti-abuse-wg it would certainly confirm it.

Not that I'm worried about what some greedy sociopath will say. It turns out that when this happening I will get a bit paranoid and I will ask myself if my messages are being censored. If I do not receive my messages via ARIN-ppml due to Gmail, how will I know? Switching email is out of the question. It is my brand, my id.

If it is for the good of all and the general happiness of the ARIN Nation, tell the people that I am out.

Thanks for your concern,

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I think from a technical perspective ARIN did handle this entirely correct. They took your concern and used standard methods to ensure proper delivery. The behavior you are unhappy with is a result of google's attempt to oversimplify the end user's life. Perhaps submit a feature request to gmail and ask that functionality be optional? (link below) 

The only affect is would have on you would be not seeing your original email in your inbox, it is still in your sent "folder". Not sure how that affects subscription to the list, or common reasons to be involved?

Gmail - Request a feature: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/V_U7zBUZ8G4;context-place=forum/gmail

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 5:49 PM, Marilson <marilson.mapa at gmail.com> wrote:

  Dear Robert, Cathy, Chris and Michael,

  Thanks for clarifying the Gmail vs mailing lists problem.

  I hope ARIN's staff has learned and now they know how to explain it at another opportunity.

  Since there is no way to change this behavior I am out of this list.

  Greetings to all and good work.

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