[arin-ppml] Interesting policy proposal in AFRINIC

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Hi Morgan,

To my novice eyes, but tired and disappointed, I find it rather appropriate that the entity responsible for the management and allocation of IP address blocks adopt punitive measures against those who interfere in the free internet or in the inappropriate use of those services.

Who decides? The evidence. And the Internet community seems to be the only one capable of putting punitive measures into practice.

No matter who we are or what we do, commitment to democracy should always be part of our activities.

The owners of these resources is the population of the planet. RIRs manage these resources on behalf of this population and should effectively manage without omitting and transferring that responsibility to governments or to their ISP customers.

I say this because, just as there are autocratic governments, there are bad ISPs who arrogantly refuse to punish clients with illicit activities even in the face of evidence. And in the face of these bad providers, governments, without exception, turn a blind eye. They are more concerned about employment within their territory even at the expense of the population being the victim of spammers and scammers.

This situation explains and does not justify the 420 billion spam and scam per day (Cisco).

Never so few done so much harm to so many.

No more shutdowns.
No more denying access to information and knowledge.
No more bad ISPs.
Even with Trump!


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Doesn't seem like the most workable policy to my novice eyes.  

Is it really a good idea to convert RIRs into the internet police? 

if we think it is a good idea, who decides what's a proper case for implementation?

On Apr 14, 2017 8:48 AM, "Alfredo Calderon" <calderon.alfredo at gmail.com> wrote:

  The discussion is very interesting and, could have consequences in ARIN if reciprocity policies are adopted among RIR?

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  On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 4:12 PM, Cj Aronson <cja at daydream.com> wrote:

    Recently an article about the proposal (link below to policy text and article) was posted to the RIPE policy list.  This policy being discussed in AFRINIC is very interesting and different than any proposal I have seen so far.  I thought you all might be interested in reading the text.   It basically restricts access to IP addresses to governments who shut down Internet access.  


    The article about the proposal is here


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