[arin-ppml] ARIN Accounts for Financing / Leasing IP

Brent McIntosh brent.mcintosh at cwc.com
Mon Apr 10 15:24:20 EDT 2017

Hi Robby,

Have you already applied to ARIN and qualified for a block in the size you wish to obtain via the other company?  I have just started a review of the NRPM to see what makes sense for this case.  I am sure you already reviewed it but I am still placing it here if that’s not the case. It may be possible to do this via transfer as outlined in NRPM 8.3


Will follow-up and see what are possible options.

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Subject: [arin-ppml] ARIN Accounts for Financing / Leasing IP

Hey guys, quick question for you here. We are looking to buy a larger block of IP's, however we need to finance this out through a financing company.

During the financing term, ownership of the IP would need to be by the financial institution, then transferred to our account after buyout is completed.

What have other ISP's been doing for this, or is this something ARIN can help facilitate?

Robby Hicks
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US Dedicated
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