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Sat Oct 15 23:16:41 EDT 2016

Hello Everyone,

We are going to discuss a number of policies next week at the Public Policy Meeting in Dallas. Four of these proposals are focused on transfers and needs assessment, each suggesting changes using a different approach. To try and help the discussions, the AC wanted to put a comparison chart together to compliment the discussion guide.

The attached chart will be provided to people attending the discussions in person. We wanted to provide this chart to the mailing list as well, for those who cannot make it to the meeting. Please let the Shepherds know your thoughts about these suggested changes.

Related proposals:

ARIN 2015-7 Simplified Requirements for Demonstrated Need for IPv4 Transfers
ARIN 2016-3 Alternative Simplified Criteria for Justifying Small IPv4 Transfers
ARIN 2016-4 Transfers for New Entrants
ARIN 2016-5 Post IPv4 Free Pool Depletion Transfer Policy

Needed feedback:

- Is it useful to break the dependency between section 4 and section 8?
- Is it useful to simplify the transfer requirements?
- Are the needs requirements in any of the proposals too lax, or too restrictive?
- Do people prefer one approach over another? Which ones?

Please let the AC Shepherds know your thoughts on these topics.

Thank you
Dan Alexander
AC Chair
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