[arin-ppml] re-org question

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Sun Nov 6 17:23:40 EST 2016

> William Herrin wrote :
> As I read the last paragraph in NRPM section 8.2, in order for the /16 to be recorded under the new subsidiary's name, the subsidiary would have to sign
> an RSA, renumber the otherwise unchanging network infrastructure to meet ARIN's current efficiency standards and return or sell the excess IP addresses.


If I may say so, the subsidiary has no choice but to sign the RSA and I say so as inherited one that was split from the parent org the alternative way.

Here's the typical path : the parent org does not want to sign the RSA because it costs time, money, paperwork, and generates some additional annoyances. A verbal agreement is made between the parent org and the newly created subsidiary that the subsidiary gets whatever subset of the /16 they were using for their operations, and everyone is happy especially senior management who sees all this complications about IP addresses an obstruction to the reasons they want to split. The /16 remains legacy and everyone is happy.

All is fine for a little bit, but then the subsidiary changes plans, people move, retire, go work for the competition, boths sides go through other corporate mergers and acquisitions, and the subsidiary is left with nothing.
If you are seeking a fair deal for both parties, do it the ARIN way. Now, if the parent org spins the subsidiary with the idea of giving them all the liabilities and keep the assets with the untold intention of bankrupting it later, don't do anything.


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