[arin-ppml] re-org question

David R Huberman daveid at panix.com
Fri Nov 4 21:17:50 EDT 2016

> As I read the last paragraph in NRPM section 8.2, in order for the /16
> to be recorded under the new subsidiary's name, the subsidiary would
> have to sign an RSA, renumber the otherwise unchanging network
> infrastructure to meet ARIN's current efficiency standards and return
> or sell the excess IP addresses.
> Am I actually reading that right?

No. You are drawing a conclusion not supported by either the text or by 
many years of practice.  The /16 can be transferred as-is. ARIN has been 
given no power in the NRPM to coerce a renumbering, return, exchange, or 
anything else.

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