[arin-ppml] LAST CALL for Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2015-3: Remove 30 day utilization requirement in end-user IPv4 policy

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu May 12 17:15:09 EDT 2016

On May 12, 2016, at 4:03 PM, Jason Schiller <jschiller at google.com<mailto:jschiller at google.com>> wrote:

I am surprised that staff would not apply the 30 day need (albeit extended to 60 day need) for end-sites requesting a transfer.

My understanding is that 8.3 references "demonstrating need" "under current policies" albeit extended to 24 months (double an ARIN assignment).

Current policy 4.3.3 defines meeting 25% utilization immediately (30 days) and 50% within 1 year.
Extended this doubles the values.

Jason -

    The present 25% utilization language of NRPM 4.3.3 assignments
    seems to be subject to several possible interpretations when being
    extrapolated to transfers sized upon a 24 month need-assessment.

    Whether the “immediate” threshold is applied at 30 vs 60 days is
    but one example.  Another is the application of the term “25%” -
    i.e. that can be the immediate use of transferred space which
    corresponds to 25% of 12 month need (initial usage of the same
    amount of space as would apply for receiving an assignment);
    alternatively, it could be read as 25% utilization of the entire
    transferred block.  The latter interpretation is actually a higher
    bar than 25% utilization when applied to initial assignments sized
    at 12 months need (and could be difficult for many organizations
    to satisfy.)

    As such, if ARIN-2015-3 does not proceed, it would be quite helpful
    if the community would undertake policy development to clarify
    exactly how this portion of assignment policy should apply to
    transfers of number resource to end-user organizations.


John Curran
President and CEO

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