[arin-ppml] ARIN-2015-3: Remove 30-Day Utilization Requirement in End-User IPv4 Policy

Brian Jones bjones at vt.edu
Thu Jan 28 08:55:49 EST 2016

Looks good to me Dave. I am okay with using criteria or criterion, however
using the strict definition it looks as though criterion is the proper
singular form.


On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 5:54 PM, David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:

> The following is the proposed update for ARIN-2015-3: Remove 30-Day
> Utilization Requirement in End-User IPv4 Policy based on strong support in
> Montreal.
> Beyond deleting the 25% bullet as the policy says, their are editorial
> changes as follows to the remaining text;
> - It looks weird to have single item bullet list, so merge the two
> remaining sentence fragments into a single sentence.
> - Change "are" to "is", since there is only one remaining criteria
> - Use of "criteria" as a singular is common usage, even though technically
> it's plural.
> - Resulting in "The basic criteria that must be met is a 50% utilization
> rate within one year."
> The remaining and resulting text for 4.3.3 is now included in the policy
> text, for editorial clarity.  The original staff and legal suggested
> removing the RFC2050 reference and also pointed out that
> also has a 25% immediate use clause and a RFC2050 reference.
> Feedback in Montreal was that deleting the 25% immediate use was a nice
> bite-sized change, and we shouldn't try to do more than that with this
> change, so those changes are not included at this time.
> Any additional feedback or comments are appreciated.
> Thanks
> ---------
> Draft Policy ARIN-2015-3: Remove 30 day utilization requirement in
> end-user IPv4 policy
> Date: 27 January 2015
> Problem Statement:
> End-user policy is intended to provide end-users with a one year supply of
> IP addresses. Qualification for a one-year supply requires the network
> operator to utilize at least 25% of the requested addresses within 30 days.
> This text is unrealistic and should be removed.
> First, it often takes longer than 30 days to stage equipment and start
> actually using the addresses.
> Second, growth is often not that regimented; the forecast is to use X
> addresses over the course of a year, not to use 25% of X within 30 days.
> Third, this policy text applies to additional address space requests. It
> is incompatible with the requirements of other additional address space
> request justification which indicates that 80% utilization of existing
> space is sufficient to justify new space. If a block is at 80%, then often
> (almost always?) the remaining 80% will be used over the next 30 days and
> longer. Therefore the operator cannot honestly state they will use 25% of
> the ADDITIONAL space within 30 days of receiving it; they're still trying
> to use their older block efficiently.
> Fourth, in the face of ARIN exhaustion, some ISPs are starting to not give
> out /24 (or larger) blocks. So the justification for the 25% rule that
> previously existed (and in fact, applied for many years) is no longer
> germane.
> Policy statement:
> Remove the 25% utilization criteria bullet point from NRPM 4.3.3.
> Resulting text:
> 4.3.3. Utilization rate
> Utilization rate of address space is a key factor in justifying a new
> assignment of IP address space. Requesters must show exactly how
> previous address assignments have been utilized and must provide
> appropriate details to verify their one-year growth projection.
> The basic criteria that must be met is a 50% utilization rate within one
> year.
> A greater utilization rate may be required based on individual network
> requirements. Please refer to RFC 2050 for more information on
> utilization guidelines.
> Comments:
> a.Timetable for implementation: Immediate
> b.Anything else
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