[arin-ppml] ARIN-PPML Digest, Vol 128, Issue 7

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Fri Feb 19 16:44:10 EST 2016

> So I am not in favor of removing restrictions on bad behaviour just because
> some have engaged in said behaviour in other regions.  I am not saying this is

You haven't explained why this is bad behavior. Can you tell me a specific harm that has been done to a specific network operator, user, etc. because of this "speculation" (I would say, arbitrage).

> I am a big fan of accuracy in public network information databases, which is
> why I authored "no reverse without assignment" in the AFRINIC region, so
> the whole "you don't care about registry accuracy' argument doesn't fly with
> me.

Totally agree, you fully appreciate the need for registry accuracy. I think what people are concerned about is that your anti-market approach to IPv4 transfers might be undermining that goal regardless of your intentions. 

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