[arin-ppml] U.S. Nationalization of Apple's Employees

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 22:22:58 EST 2016

This email is written in support of the rights of employees of the american tech industry:

After forcing all American citizens to purchase a product, health insurance, the U.S. government is looking to force employees of a private company, Apple, to perform a specific task in the creation of a new product, in this instance, to create new code which would then allow the government to bypass Iphone security protections, according to the article at the following website:


The U.S. government can legally ask companies to comply with existing regulations, but a government agent forcing individual employees of a private company to perform a specific task, effectively forcing the employee to choose between retaining their job and creating the new product for the government, is simply the next step down the slippery slope.  Americans are in the "forced actions phase" of this oligarchy.  

Internet policy groups and all internet governance groups should at least consider that when the heath insurance mandate was accepted, people wondered what would be the next mandate, would a future president take advantage of the trend towards mandating citizens to act?  If apple's employees are forced to comply with a forced action, that in my opinion is no different than Apple having been nationalized by the U.S. government, in my opinion.  What's next?  The argument is much bigger than phones.  U.S. government agents could order any private company employee in the entire country to perform any task the government deemed necessary.  If a future government agent deemed that it was immediately necessary for a future apple employee to shine the shoes of the government agent, then they could refer back to the forced creation of code and ask, what's the difference?  

Oligarchy is about gaining the obedience of its citizens to the state via brutality (see broken windows police theory argument on gaining obedience) and via the provision of lose-lose choices that pit a citizen against his or her own ability to economically support himself or herself.  Any male government agent forcing or pressuring a female private employee at apple to perform a specific action would also be violating women's Civil Rights law, same can be said for race etc., civil rights law exist for a reason in the american workplace.  Oligarchy is government by hypocritical political criminals and their stooges, and internet governance groups should call it out for what it is and speak out against the american oligarchy on behalf of the U.S. tech industry which employs citizens from all countries.  

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