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Today I received a sternly worded email reminding me to pay my ARIN
invoice. Know what the email did not include? An invoice. Know what I
need to pay the invoice? An invoice.

Bill -

We actually send the invoice to the billing contact, and then in the past would
send the reminders to only the billing contact, but folks indicated that they
wanted to know if there was a payment issue with their organization, so we
revised the processes to send notices to all contacts for open invoices:

This process is documented online under the “Fees & Invoices” section of the
ARIN website - <https://www.arin.net/fees/reinstatement.html>

         "Invoice reminder messages are sent via email 30 days prior to, and again on, the due date.  These messages are sent to Admin, Tech and Billing Contacts for organizations with open invoices.”

I have two suggestions -

 1)  If you believe we should also include the open invoice(s) on these reminder emails,
      please submit a suggestion that effect asap <https://www.arin.net/participate/acsp/>

 2)  This is perfect example of a service-related issue that ARIN staff (i.e. me) lack
       useful insight on the relative merits of the various approaches, and hence I’ll
       be referring it to the new ARIN Services Working Group for recommendation.
       We just sent out a call for participation - please consider volunteering for it!
       (Note specifically that one simply has to be a member of the ARIN community;
        it is not necessary to be an ARIN Member to serve on the Services WG)


John Curran
President and CEO

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