[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2016-7 -- Integrate community networks into Existing ISP Policy

Alyssa Moore alyssa at alyssamoore.ca
Mon Dec 19 17:23:59 EST 2016

I agree that 2016-6 didn't address the intent of 2016-7, and thank you for
clarifying why for us, Kevin.

Under the proposed text of 2016-7, research and education networks could
justifiably fall under the new definition of a community network. R&E
networks are largely operated under the fiscal support of a non-profit
organization or educational institution, and aim to provide the lowest cost
connectivity for our R&E member base. Is there any harm associated R&E
networks qualifying under those terms as well as under other policy?

If the Community Networks Assignment policy in its current incarnation has
never been used, is there another policy under which "community networks,"
besides the aforementioned R&E networks, are qualifying for and requesting
IPv6 allocations, thereby rendering the provisions in 2016-7 redundant? Or
have there simply been zero IPv6 requests made by community networks?
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